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Bands that have played our show
Here are some links to bands who have appeared on local noise.
Many more sure to come in the future.

Light Rock Band, lots of mp3's on their site.

Music label promoting some pretty cool bands: - Knuckle Sandwich, Pennroyals, Dodgeball and more.
The Effluent  
Excellent rock band comprised of
Rutgers Students.  Website now up.

A great Ska band, 
Currently Split up.

Punk band that states the answers
to questions very few ask.

Hard Punk Band, with a new website.

Excellent Punk Band
Cuurently broken up.
Their album Quarter Life Crisis, is
a hot item among some of the 
Local Noise Crew.

Recently Split Up, but a solid punk group
none the less.

A very unique band, with a light mood
yet serious tone.  Communist themes
and a cow bell make-up their sound.

Another excellent ska band,
similar to 8overpar.  Also split
up, but their sound lives on.
Stress Fracture
Formerly One Track Mind,
Stress Fracture combines the old sound of O.T.M. with a new harder sound.

A young band with a new website, 
and new sounds as well.

Bands include Johnny Nakeds, Spicy Rizzaks and Hissyfits. Comicbooks too!
A hardcore band out of East Stroudsberg, PA.  Email only.

Outstanding Punk band, out of South Jersey/Philly

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