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Laura Weiser

Camera, Mike's sparring partner

Rutgers University

LIKES- Reading, writing, getting coffee at Dunkin Donuts, Jewel, Sublime,
Portishead, LTJ, RBF, Blink 182, A New Found Glory, Wank, Pooh, Max the Cat,
Barbie, That 70s Show, Time of Your Life and Party of Five.

FYI: Laura's rap name is "Wubby Cheeks" & Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls is
Laura's animated twin.

"I'm one of the camera operators for Local Noise.  Basically, my job is to
sit around all afternoon until the technical difficulties are fixed.  This is
when I get to do cartwheels and airplanes in the hallways.  Then I work the
camera." -Laura