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Season 1


1.01 --- ONE TRACK MIND (pilot)

Although more work was put into the production of this episode than in any other, this episode never officially aired. We took the Local Noise cameras on the road to film this one, traveling all the way to Brick Township to film the band in their impressively decorated basement. We later filmed them at the South Brunswick studio, and added an interview filmed by our Brick township Local Noise representative, Karen Paslowski. In all we spent way to many hours filming and editing this episode, and thanks to copyright infringements and the word Jackass it was never allowed to airÖ.but would that stop us here at Local Noise? Of course not. We foolishly spent much more time re-editing until the show met all standards given to us by the South Brunswick Cable Commission. Unfortunately the re-edited program didn't meet our own standards so we put it aside. In the end we salvaged a clip from it and used it in episode 1:12 to fill time. To the lucky few who saw this episode in it's entirety, I apologize.


If you like Jewel, then you'll love Carrie Bolger. She found out about Local Noise through her number 1 fan, Tom Kerese, who was also our number 1 cameraman at the time. You may recognize Carrie from her many appearances at the Cove. Not only would she be the only folk guitarist appearing on Local Noise the first season, as it turned out Carrie would be the only girl to perform on the show the entire first season. When we were faced with the idea of having a folksinger on the show we didn't know what to expect, and at this point we still had no idea what we were doing as far as producing shows goes. What resulted was an episode that some consider to be the best episode of Local Noise ever. On top of the awesome guitar music this classic episode features a great interview done in MTV FANATIC fashion. Did you know that Carrie's uncle was the scarecrow in the movie THE WIZARD OF OZ?

1.03 --- PULL 130

Pull 130 was the first hard punk rock band to play Local Noise. If you don't remember this episode, don't be surprised, it never aired. Pull 130 is a great band from right here in South Brunswick and they did a great job playing the show. They were the first band on Local Noise to use heavy distortion and to play music at a concert audio level. At this point we were still very unfamiliar with the TV equipment we were using. During the taping everything appeared to run smoothly, but the final product was over-modulated to the point where it was unsalvageable. From this point on we made sure the bands played as low as possible, and we spent hours setting up new recording techniques to ensure that a disaster like that would never happen again. You can catch some clips from this episode in the 2000 introduction. Thatís them in the masks. Again, we apologize to Pull 130 for butchering their show, and hope they are willing to play the show again in the future.

1.04 --- EFFLUENT

Effluent or The Effluent, whatever you want to call them, are a rock band from Rutgers. Effluent is a 4 person band, 3 of whom alternate as the lead vocals. They were booked on the show by Taso Stefanidis, who at the time was a Local Noise cameraman and a student at Rutgers University. The Effluent was an experienced band who played in clubs and bars all around New Brunswick and New York, and we were pretty psyched that they wanted to play Local Noise. Watch carefully during the song PEACE IN THE STORM and you can see that the singer's guitar unexpectedly shuts off in the middle of the song. You also may notice that the bass is almost non-existent. This is because we ran the bass amp output directly into the sound board, and as a result only recorded frequencies that are too low to be played on conventional televisions, but if you have a stereo system such as an aiwa surround system hooked up to your TV you will hear the bass no problem. They did a great job and predicted they would be back again with even more original material. They are the band featured on the interactive puzzle contained in this web site.


The Young and the Naked is a young punk band from Roselle, New Jersey. They perform regularly at the Cove in Roselle, where they won the battle of the bands competition. As with our other shows up to this point the Bass guitar is nearly nonexistent. If only we realized at the time what the problem was we could have easily made the adjustments, but as we realized quickly from day one with Local Noise, nothing is easy, and whatever can go wrong will. The Young and the Naked was a great new band, and this episode does not do them justice. They only have one lead guitar and one bass player, so when you take into account the bass not getting picked up, all of a sudden they are down to one guitar. And oddly enough the lead guitar used belongs to Scott Hettler, a Local Noise staff member. The performer's guitar was malfunctioning in the warm-ups so Scott had to run home and get his at the last minute. This like many days to come was a totally chaotic day lasting upwards of 5 hours, but in the end everything came out ok.


Flat Earth Society plays hardcore energetic punk rock music. They are from Northern New Jersey near the Meadowlands. Also, they were the first band to play the show that had no connection to a Local Noise staff member. They were the first in a series of bands to find out about Local Noise through the internet. They brought a really big sign and a bubble machine. This is the first episode where we began mic-ing all the instruments rather than running the amps directly into the soundboard. This greatly enhanced the overall sound quality of the show and for the first time you could really hear the bass guitar. It was also at this time that we designated Scott Hettler as the official Local Noise sound guy. We had previously been using his digital recorder as an audio back up, along with many of his mic's, wires, and sound board making him the logical choice as sound guy. He promptly celebrated his new found status by taking the first of many Stogie Breaks, a practice that would become far too frequent and would result in the eventual firing of him from this position. This episode was the first one which we were able to use the audio recorded onto the tape. Up until now, due to constant over-modulation problems in the studio, we had to record the audio seperately onto Scott's digital recorder and match the sound to the video during the editing process. If you never had the joy of matching up sound to someone's lips you don't know what you have been missing.


Comorbidity came all the way from East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania to do the show, and boy is Scott Hettler glad they did. They are a heavy metal thrash band dedicated to keeping it brutal. They, like many bands appearing on Local Noise, were thrilled to have an opportunity to get some recognition on TV. If you see this episode, watch for the bass player with the long hair. He looks like he is 30, but he is actually 17. The drummer is a punk/ska player turned heavy metal. We had to re-shoot the first song they played because the lead guitarists girlfriend was complaining that he didn't get nearly enough on air exposure during the first taping. It was from this point on that we began discouraging those not vital to the performance from attending the tapings.

1.08 --- GOODYBAG

Goodybag is a punk rock band from nearby Franklin Township. They were recommended to us by their good friends in the band The Young and the Naked. Thatís the infamous Jonas Love with the cow guitar he decorated himself with wallpaper he thought was a zebra pattern. Deciding what songs to play seemed quite a challenge to this group of youngsters, and playing the song all the way through once they agreed on one appeared even harder. Although they were in no rush to complete the days taping of the show, they were quite insistent on getting the finished copy as soon as possible, attacking our character and professionalism in the process. After countless hours of trying to make sense out of a senseless interview we finally finished the episode, and through the magic of editing it appears the show went off without a hitch. To say the band Weezer is one of Goodybag's influences is a severe understatement.


Richie and the Downers are a group from Mercer County College. Originally the band Wasted was supposed to play the show for this episode, but, unlike most bands that break up just after playing Local Noise, Wasted broke up just before their scheduled appearance. Greg, a member of Wasted, was also the guitar player for Richie and the Downers and asked if they could play the show instead. Of course we said yes. As it turned out the drummer for Richie and the Downers was in the same class as Mike Lee, the Producer of Local Noise. Coincidentally after performing on the show Mike never saw the kid in school again. During the taping of this episode a light switch along with many feet of bunched up cable fell from the ceiling. No one was injured, but the freak accident did make for entertaining television so we put the clip in our 2000 introduction. Look for that.

1.10 --- 8 OVER PAR

8 Over Par was the first Ska band to play Local Noise. They were the first band on our show to have more than 5 people and we were concerned our studio would be too small. After all the Local Noise studio is nothing more than a glorified closet. It worked out better than anyone expected though. Scott did a great job with the audio, earning some remarks that it was the best quality of sound in any episode ever. Although that is debatable, the fact that the show came out great was not. This episode was so well received by viewers that it really got everyone involved with the show's hopes up. This episode set a whole new standard for Local Noise. The two lead singers for 8 Over par were easily the most energetic singers to ever play Local Noise. They played a great version of Van Morrison's BROWN EYED GIRL, but of course due to legal reasons we couldn't air that. They did however have a song about Charlie Brown that we were able to show.


President Lemon is another great Ska band from New Jersey. They did an awesome job, and the show came out great. This episode was the first produced without the assistance of Scott, although we were still able to use some of his mic's and wires. Tom Kerese officially took over as audio technician and did a great job. The sound for this episode was no easy task either. President Lemon surprised us all by having a bongo player, and we had no idea how to mic this instrument properly. We spent an hour trying to pick up the sound but couldn't get it right. We finally narrowed part of the problem to a bad wire and a bad sound board input. As usual the faulty township equipment was to blame. In the end everything came out ok.

1.12 --- THE MIX SHOW I

This episode is a compilation of songs that we had to remove from previously produced shows due to time restraints. It also contains footage from the pilot episode ONE TRACK MIND which never aired. We wanted to put in a song from the PULL 130 show that never aired, but the audio quality was too poor. Look for more Mix shows in future seasons because we always have extra songs left over that we just can't fit in.