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Season 3


3.01 --- Derive

Derive can best be described as a Dave Matthews style band. Booked by Local Noise Staffer Caitlin Torre, Derive was the first band for the long awaited 3rd season of Local Noise. At no fault of their own, Derive's episode was a major turning point in Local Noise History which was the boiling point of 3 years of frustration. After waiting over six months for use of the studio, which was overloaded with computer equipment and useless junk from Municipal office renovations during that time, the crew was ready to get the show going again. Much to our dismay, there was a video problem with the preview and program monitors in that they would display scrambled images. While we usually have been able to overcome similar problems before, it turned out to be a problem we could not correct. After a 3 hour delay, our wanna-be engineer Taso was able to whip up a configuration to bypass the main system and do the show with two cameras, breaking the so-called "Golden Rule" in the process. The taping went relatively well, despite standard audio issues which we were able to correct. The crew decided that we would not do a show in the future unless we had 3 working camera feeds, and since it would be a miracle if anyone cared at the Township to actually fix the problem, our days filming at South Brunswick ended with Derive.