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Season 4


4.01 --- The Johnny Nakeds

The Johnny Nakeds appear courtesy of Bwatt! records and are a 4 piece punk band from North Jersey. Local Noise's first show in a year, they put on a great performance, mixing in some good tunes from the King to go along with their original material. For the most part, the show went well. We were forced to use an older audio board due to the fact that the better quality one was being saved for absolutely no purpose whatsoever. But Ray the audio engineer who is fazed by nothing except monaural audio music, worked around the problem and produced the best audio for Local Noise ever, which isnt saying much. He was somehow able to do this despite being harrassed by a Local Noise hater who barged into the studio. While the audio came out well, the video was subpar. You might notice that one of the cameras seems out of focus, while the other is almost completely devoid of any color. This was due to the inept work of Taso the wannabe engineer. As a result of this he was fired as engineer of Local Noise and demoted to editor. He was also banned from the control room for eternal damnation. Thomas Polese filled in as director, doing a remarkable job on his first assignment filling in for Mike. This episode also was edited on Final Cut Pro 3, the first episode edited without the Casablanca Dream Machine. You will also enjoy the Nakeds' version of the Golden Girls Theme Song, with a spice of the Sex Pistols thrown in. You can catch a never before aired clip of The Effluent at the end of the show playing Hendrix's immortal "Little Wing." The artwork in the show was drawn by the Nakeds' Erik Rodriguez.